Nolin CAD was started in 2009 with the objective of providing professional CAD, machine design, product design and engineering services. With a history of over 20 years work experience in the field of machine design, we were well positioned to offer our expertise and experience to manufacturing companies across the spectrum. Our director has vast experience in design having worked in many machine building companies in India Europe and the Far East.

With exposure not only to CAD softwares like Catia, Pro-E Solidworks, Solidedge but also ERP and PLM systems like BaaN and Agile and ISO procedures, we have the knowhow and expertise to integrate designs and drawings into the modern manufacturing environment.


Manufacturing companies always have peaks and valleys in terms of orders and projects on hand. This makes it extremely difficult for the management to get an handle on the optimum manpower requirements. Experience shows that at times companies struggle to cope up with the workload, with the associated effects on the design quality, while at times they have people on the bench which is also an expensive proposition.

Its is also extremely difficult for companies to recruit the right people at short notice with project deliveries staring in the face. Nolin CAD serves as a tap, a tool in the hands of a smart owner or manager who can offload the right amount of work at the right time and at the right cost, ensuring delivery schedules are met without sacrificing quality.


We specialise in machine design. Specifically machine tools, packaging and printing machines, sheet metal machines, conveyors, material handling equipment, pick and place systems, automation, pharmaceutical equipement, chemical equipment, structural engineering.


110T CNC hydraulic press brake displayed at IMTEX 2001.
Over 10000 sheet metal component drawings processed involving all types of forming techniques (step bending, beading, hemming etc).
100% design done in 3D design softwares. Obsolete 2D softwares not used.
Two designs have been recognised and certified with 'best models for year 2014' by JSC ASCON.
Numerous import substitute machines and equipment worth millions developed succesfully at fraction of the cost saving foreign exchange.