The past decade has seen the explosion of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing technologies. As a result of this, the technology has become more accessible to consumers and users and has enabled manufacturing of parts  in ways which was not possible earlier.

In 2017, we invested in our own inhouse 3D printer, a small desktop machine which was capable of producing small but high quality PLA prototypes upto 140x140x140 mm. Using this machine we developed many injection moulded parts and patterns for our clients.

Our 3D printing service was so successful that within a matter of  months, we invested in a larger more advanced 3D printer capable of printing multiple materials like ABS, Nylon, etc in addition to PLA. This new machine allows us to print parts upto 300x250x300 mm.

Nolin CAD is a regular supplier of prototypes for many injection moulding and blow moulding companies who need to get a feel of the product before investing in expensive moulds and dies.

With our inhouse 3D printing capabilty, we are in a unique position to offer our clients the complete range of services from design to prototyping.